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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Para-Qur'anic qudsi

A qudsi hadith is a saying that entered Islam as God's word, but is not to be found in the canonical Qur'an. A good example is the Verse Of Stoning. A lesser example is Isaiah 64:4 / Thomas 17 (quoted 1 Corinthians 2:9), cited by Mughira in Iraq.

As the canonical verses attracted asbab al-nuzul occasions in which the verse was revealed to the Prophet, so did the qudsiya. Often the qudsi comes ready-supplied with its sabab - it is, after all, a hadith. For the ayat al-rajam, the muhaddiths had to go further and give its "antisabab": how the verse did not enter the Book.

Q. 17:1 has perhaps the most famous sabab in Islam. But that doesn't make it Qur'anic. It might even bear witness to it not being Qur'anic.

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