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Friday, September 11, 2015

House of David endorsement: Donald Trump for President

Ed Driscoll and Robert Zubrin have decided the matter for us. These posts of theirs show that their concern isn't with any other issue concerning Trump, but with his stance on illegal-immigration. They also show that their loyalties are not with the founding population of the United States nor, one might extrapolate, with those populations of Europe.

More: Driscoll and Zubrin are putting PJMedia on the line for this stance. And since PJMedia is generally to the Right of the current Congress, that means that's the stance of the mainstream Republican Party.

If you support this faction of the G. O. Party as it now stands - including, if you give any financial support to PJMedia - then you support foreigners' invasion of your community. You support the destruction of your way of life.

But as for me and my House . . .

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