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Friday, September 25, 2015

Free speech online

Roger Pearse gives up:

Increasingly I see a trend whereby the powerful deny free speech to their political opponents. I see companies being advised to Google for job candidates, in case they are “unsafe”. Those who still dare to protest are almost all of one political complexion, and that not the one in power. To protest is increasingly presented, cynically, as a party statement.

Do please read the rest.

Do I think he's right? Well... today I got this latest arrogance from Google: The UN's Global Goals to end poverty, climate change, and injustice. Learn more. Soak in the ambience. Understand that they aren't saying positive things; I do not hear of opportunity and justice (leave alone climate). They are talking about ending, ending, ending what is evil, evil, evil.

By ending "poverty" the UN and Google intend attacking independent corporations; by ending "climate change" they intend cutting your power, and by ending "injustice" they intend, basically, ending you. And if you disagree with the UN and Google then you're un-learned.

This isn't the world we were promised, but it's the only world we're allowed to live in.

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