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Sunday, September 27, 2015

English and Spanish are still likely to win

Okay, this article is stupid. The raw data are good, but the conclusion is rubbish.

Comparing English, which is a single Germanic language, to all the Chinese "dialects" is stupid. The Chinese "dialects" stem from early-mediaeval Chinese or even before that. They are not dialects; they are languages.

It is even more retarded to compare English speakers to "Arabic" speakers. Nobody speaks classical Arabic; it's debatable whether anyone ever did. What we have instead is a proliferation of Arabic-origin languages, with "modern Standard" Arabic forming a sort of pidgin classical overlay; like Latin for early-modern European scholars and Catholics.

Based on demographics, I don't see Mandarin Chinese expanding beyond where Mandarin Chinese is already spoken. I'm also not seeing the Prakrit languages expanding outside India. Classical Arabic might make a comeback as a mother-tongue, if the caliphate expands through to Egypt and North Africa and East Africa - but that's a long shot.

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