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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Upload #113 - more perfect

I was doing some thinking Friday, but instead of blogging went to see a free Gin Blossoms concert, and just crashed out here (as it were) so - the weekend days are when it all happens. Anyway.

"In Ranks". Sura 61 has Jesus predict another rasûl "Ahmad" where Muslims should expect "Muhammad". Ahmad is indeed a superlative, and related to "Muhammad"; but the former's base would be, in fact, Hamîd. I have offered a hypothesis as to who the rasûl ahmad is.

UPDATE and BUMP: I have reread Witztum on surat Joseph. I now see where he argues for sura 12 as Christian. Last February, I hadn't noticed. He'd buried that within other arguments, which came from Christian literature but which I could not consider intrinsic to Christianity. (Any Samaritan can tell you that Joseph > Judah.) I'm sure it made sense to Witztum's audience, during the lecture which this article originally was; but its later editor Gabriel Reynolds - I'm sorry to say this - should have challenged the man on "why is this Christian?", before it all made it to print. On a happier note I also found a relevant home for the textual disputes. So, "Joseph" is fixed up too.


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