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Thursday, August 06, 2015

The road to Szechuan

Khazaria has lots more on M33c. For one thing he gives us a map. For another thing he notes they're only 1.8% of the sample even in south China.

When M33c entered south China, south China was already full of Tibeto-Burmese... and of proto-Hmong, and of proto-Thai. M33 came from eastern India and western Burma, Munda territory today. M33c, then, was likely a migrant group of "Australasians". I don't believe there are any of these left in Hunan who assert their identity against all the other groups. Guangxi might have the Bolyu; the related Mang identify as recently immigrant.

The M33c's had entered a south China as a tolerated(?) minority population from the start. The incursions of Han Chinese would only have diluted their influence further.

After a long stint in the Hunan / Guangxi region, some of the M33c's spread to Szechuan. My ancestrix jumped off from there.

UPDATE 6/10/2017: The Chama Road.

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