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Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Jewish state and orthodox Christianity

Judaism does not insist that other nations become Jews. It also does not lay claim to territory, beyond the land of the old Canaanites; and maybe not even to all of that. (Freeing up Lebanon and Gaza, sporadically.) Judaism does however insist upon a minimum of Jewish law within the Jewish state - these are the Noachide laws.

One of the stronger such laws is the ban against idolatry. A symbol like the Christian cross might be allowable. The crucifix bears Jesus's image. Such is the logic of Judaism which Lehava is trying to enact.

Pace Vox Day, Christianity in its Protestant form might be tolerable in the promised Eretz. I would, however, be worried for the Catholic and Orthodox expressions of the faith there. As for mosques, as long as the Black Stone sits in the qibla's focus, the same must apply.

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