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Monday, August 31, 2015

The ancient holy book that no-one quoted

The Mail (and the Times) keep harping on that Umayyad-sequence, Umayyad-decorated, Umayyad-text Qur'an that is still dated to Muhammad's lifetime. Now I find Keith Small is on it too. h/t JW, and others. The chicken, she is wore out.

Say they're all correct. Say I'm a moron and a dilettante with only a tangential formal training. (That last part is mostly true - especially the moron part, and not even one In Good Standing.)

Now we are left with a text, which the scribe revered and plotted out carefully, to the point of near-illumination. We are left with a text that describes itself as a text delivered by an omnipotent "We" (Q. 18:91) - like the angels in Jubilees. We are left with a text more sacred than the Torah itself, with a pedigree higher than that of the Deuteronomy (ascribed to Moses).

A text nobody else knew about. A text that went wholly unquoted until the Dome of the Rock (finished 72 AH). A text that no-one even alluded to, until 'Uthman (possibly) preached sura 6's Abraham at the Romans in Constantinople (early 30s AH). Where are the graffiti quoting extracts of these suras without a hijri date, but with a date in "the era of the Greeks" or of this-or-that Shah?

Hey, maybe the author was a Prophet - he predicted not only the Roman victory in sura 30, but had read the Alexander Nes'hana before the Romans even wrote it!

Mass hysteria, I tell you. This is looking more and more like the Sphinx and Pyramids in Stargate by the week.

9/9/15: Keith Small in his own words.

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