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Monday, August 17, 2015

Shmita culture

Elûl 29 every seven Hebrew years: financial crash? [ht]

First, I won't rule out that human economics naturally follow a seven-year cycle, roughly. Think of it as El-Ninho. We might not entirely understand the cycle but we can observe it. At the time the Bible was being compiled the nations of Israel had lived amongst the Phoenicians and Babylonians long enough that they could observe it all too.

The specific Elûl 29 thing might be because superstitious Jews get jittery around that date. The financial occupations are disproportionately Jewish. Jews on Wall Street (and in London) might start selling, or at least not buying, around that time. Others follow their cue. When they get a sniffle, financial markets get the pneumonia.

Note: I do not call it a deliberate plan. In fact, if I'm right, it would be a very counterproductive thing for Jews to do; because it's predictable. Gentiles could use this against them.

Note also: I don't recommend that Gentiles play into that game. Secular Jews are smart enough to see this too. Those are the Jews who despise real (kosher) Jews as much as they despise flyover-country rubes. They'll get a big laugh at attempts to distort the market on this Orthodox day. We all have enough problems without the parental-issues goofballs getting even more power over us than they have already.

Best to hunker down in advance. Elûl 27 might be too late, nu?

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