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Monday, August 10, 2015

Rogue police

The union cops want a riot.

If the lawful authorities had called for this "Darren Wilson Day", I'd be fine with it. (I command peace...) I am also fine with Vaisyas commemorating this day. I do, however, wonder why a government employees' union was calling for it - until they were told not to. Actually no I don't.

This comment is the union's "id", as Freud would say. Its cops have an interest in a perception of their indispensability; their paychecks depend upon our feelings of insecurity. The union has an interest in a riot - like professional abortionists and organ-hawkers have an interest in rape. None can see the union's move as anything other than as a call to action. The union are not Vaisya and when the union calls for such commemoration, it does not do it for Vaisya ends.

At base they're just another protection-racket, another gang. And however evil are thugs like the late-and-unlamented Michael Brown, the policethugs in this union have no moral standing to cast judgement on them.

But I don't blame the boys in blue, as such. I haven't yet looked at the rank-and-file blogs like Second City Cop; I expect that some agree, but also that others - quietly - don't. Darren Wilson, for his own self, hadn't agreed to lend his name to this. (7:25 PM: here.) I can't even blame the brutes in blue. The foremen're doing what they're doing; because it's their paychecks on the line, and no-one is calling them on it. Everyone, absent Divine intervention, will do whatever they can get away with. I blame the authorities in Missouri, for allowing their union such free reign that they felt they could do this. I blame the Governor.

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