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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Orphan Black

So far we've had the awesome gay best friend / foster brother; the creepy brainwashed Christian nun who mortifies her own flesh; and - just now - a long lecture about how awful the Thatcher years were. (Remember that I lived there, albeit toward the end of her tenure.) There's also lots of nonmarital sex. There is a married couple but their relationship is portrayed as hypocritical and superficial. The saintly foster-mum, who delivered that stupid lecture, further reveals how she helped sneak in illegal migrants.

So far this show is grating my nerves something fierce. Good thing I borrowed it from a library and didn't pay for it.

UPDATE 7:30 PM: Oh look, one of the "clones" is a homosexual, despite that she was born with the same DNA as a bunch of women who like the cock (a lot). Nurture over nature! Yeah, I'm done with this tripe. Back to DS9.

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