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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lives that matter

Americans have been offered a chance, before a pollster, to deny that human life matters outside their race.

The results are consistent across races. About 30% of each are on the same level: they're not just fine with other races getting themselves killed, but prepared to share this sentiment with a total stranger.

Blacks scored a little higher on the 'asabiya scale, but not significantly higher. As far as #blacklivesmatter goes, that is now revealed as the hashtag of the 30% most-racist (as an ideology); as Instapundit notes. It does not command wide support, any more than white-nationalism commands support among whites.

My problem with this is that it commands plenty enough support, to a level that hints it comes from deep human nature. So let's assume that the races are equal. Do you want to live near a group of whom you know that 30% of them will not save you?

If you say yes, you're a liar or suicidal. Sane people won't do this. It is cruel of this government to force racial integration; and where directed against whites, sadistic.

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