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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


This came in yesterday, from Archaeology:

MANISA, TURKEY—A Bronze Age settlement and fortress have been discovered in Turkey’s Gölmarmara Lake basin by an international team of archaeologists working with the Kaymakçi [sic] Archaeology Project. “This area is four times larger than the ancient site of Troy in Çanakkale and the largest late Bronze Age settlement that has been found in the Aegean region,” Sinan Ünlüsoy of Yaşar University told Hürriyet Daily News. The site has one of the largest of six citadels in the region that were within a day’s walk of each other. According to Ünlüsoy, this fortress may be one mentioned in texts from the Hittite Empire.

I went to the link. It, too, mentioned "the one... in texts from the Hittite Empire" ... without naming what that actually was. So I went on a google hunt. It's the Seha River Land.

There doesn't seem to be much here that justifies a press-release, Archaeology site notwithstanding. All I see here is their new measurement of the castle (rather, citadel) as four Hisarlıks. There's still no archive.

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