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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Is this Sparta?

Huge, huge news from Laconia. A major palace archive was found here; from the 1300s BC. The dating plants this to, I think, Suppiluliuma I in Hatti and the fall of the Mitanni empire. It is over a century before the Sea Peoples: the fall of the other cities and of the Bronze Age generally.

This is a pretty darn big deal. Certainly a bigger deal than that Pelopidou Street archive in ThegwasThebes.

(I had to google for that livescience report. I'd learnt about the palace a few days back from Saraceni's blog. Her link was to... a press release, that looked a lot like the reports from two years ago. Saraceni's blog is good for aggregating press-releases but please do not use it as a source for actual, you know, news.)

Further thought: This palace might not even have been called "Sparta". For one thing, the Iliad assumes that Sparta's king Menelaus ruled contemporary with the dawn of the Sea Peoples, just prior to Mycenae's fall. His Sparta was not burned down and abandoned several generations before.

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