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Monday, August 10, 2015


An earlier version of the post below had implied, and I'd blurted out explicitly elsewhere: that "NWA was right". I take that back / must clarify my statement / apologise. I don't blame the average shmo who has to clean up this crap. My ire goes to those police in this union. They're the rogues.

UPDATE 7:40 pm: "how come they don't get to call backsies and you do?" - well; that's a valid point. But I don't have a badge, nor a massive armed police-force at my command. If I foul up on my blog, it is unlikely that any of the tens of people reading this b.s. are going to act on it. If a policemans' union fouls up similarly... someone needs to get put out there as its public face, at the very least, like I have mine own face not-so-well-disguised out there.

To sum up, I waver on whether I may or may not decide to take back my take-back. That much depends on the police.

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