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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dr Muhammad needs an editor

On to the nitpicks. I don't care who you are, but Wesley Muhammad's article needed editing.

Page 6 in relating from Johnson glosses "king" to "shaykh". That's impatient of Dr Muhammad. He should tell the story as given, first, and *then* bring out the glosses.

Also Dr Muhammad can dismiss facts out of hand before considering their implications. Take, in p. 13, "Kisra". "Kisra" happens to be how Arabs related "Khusru". Usually Arabs used "Kisra" in cliched tales about how the Iranians lost their mighty empire to Islam. That this name is here found in west Africa implies that Arab Muslims, or Arabised Muslims, had come there and told fairly detailed stories.

Dr Muhammad also seems unaware of some relevant facts, like that the Hausa are Chadic and so related to the Semitic Arabs (and to the Copts; mostly to Kushites and Berbers).

All that said, I cannot rule him out entirely. It may be that the Hausa and Ọyọ were, in fact, Muslims ejected from the Umma on account of nonorthodoxy. There were Khawarij all over North Africa. Some became "nativist prophets"; the Barghawatas are a case in point in the far west. I could easily envision a similar movement amongst the Chadians in the then-far south. Their leaders could well have been Arab heretic adventurers on the down-low. I find it an irony that some of these facts which Dr Muhammad has dismissed or left unnoted could well help that part of his thesis.

UPDATE 11/4/2017: Chad, Kush, and the Rif.

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