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Saturday, July 04, 2015

What's one more lie from Professor Loewen?

History-denier Loewen has noted a truth - that Kentucky supported the Union over the Confederacy during the Civil War, and then during Reconstruction came around to agreeing that the Union was the wrong side.

Some might see this as (more) evidence that the Northern Virginia battle-flag was adopted as a symbol of resistance to Reconstruction - that is, to Union overreach; and not to support Deep-South dead-enders like those in Mississippi, who had raised a wholly different flag at the outset of the war. This very point has been raised in Knoxville a few days ago: the Mason/Dixon border might have agreed with some of the Confederacy's ideals (right or wrong), but it was not going to pledge to her flag. General Lee's banner, on the other hand...

Loewen arrogantly ignores this ambiguity and instead chooses to conclude that the Kentuckians at the time were just ignint, and too weakminded to resist Confederate propaganda. He's just more overtly tied this into his modern politics this time.

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