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Friday, July 31, 2015

What the Iranians got on us

Instapundit: Even under Bush, it seemed as if the Iranians had more leverage than was visible. I can speculate on where that leverage came from, but that’s all it would be.

There's no need to be coy. The War Nerd called it a decade ago: Bush was not able to invade Iran, short a Total War mobilisation of the West, which wasn't happening.

Yes, in that post, there was a lot of fever-brained fury against Bush. The Nerd didn't understand Bush nor, more to the point, his administration. I'd intuited this in 2005, and figured he should have known better; since there are only so many spittle-flecked hunks of wrong I can shovel out on this blog per day, I didn't link it. But now I re-read it with a clearer head, I can appreciate the parts which are factual; those parts deal with the basic logistics.

As to why I'm saying that Bush's regime would not have survived a call to total-war, well - the Iranians had dirt on us. Even the North Vietnamese didn't have:

  1. documents from the 1979 embassy, de-shredded
  2. deals made to keep the Commies out of the Revolution
  3. deals made to the Hazara in Afghanistan, 1980s
  4. deals made not to go too hard against the Hizb and the Syrian Baath, 1980s

And you'll notice that the American system couldn't even survive Iraq. This nation elected a Barack Hussein Obama (, in the hope he'd become the tyrant he did, in part, become. This was exactly because Obama's voters nursed a deep-seated need to repudiate Bush - rather, to force Bush's voters to live with that repudiation.

America was, through the 2000s, weaker than it looked. It was divided. Half the country hated that half of the country Bush and I called home; our half of the country didn't grok what that meant, until too late. The Iranians knew this, all of this.

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