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Friday, July 24, 2015

Upload #112 - a denial

Last weekend I managed to borrow a copy of Angelika Neuwirth's and Nicolai Sinai's 2010 collection, The Qur'an in Context. Back in 2012 I'd grabbed a couple of its component essays from and Google Books: Heidemann's and Hamdan's, on the coinage and on al-Hajjaj's "second masahif" respectively. I've since been curious as to what was in the rest of the book. So this week it was nice to see it all.

I've been taking notes where these essays get it wrong, sometimes badly wrong, sometimes abusively wrong; but even where wrong, the articles were often inspirational. Several of the articles propose or assume a sequential order of suras. Since 2010, and mostly innocent of these essays, I'd been posting mine own sequence.

My own 2010 effort "Interceding with God" now grapples more with the sura 39 / ha-mîm relationship; introducing for the first time its relationship with ha-mîm sajda which is sura 41. "Retrieval of Joseph" points out that Joseph's lament at God got used in Umayyad popular culture. I've winkled out for "Garden" where Ephrem Syrus mentions the Paradise. "Parodies" and "Theories of the Cross" bring in the child-saints homily where Monophysite theories on the Passion were, in fact, cited as Monophysite theories.

I didn't end up needing to change my sequence. So, sorry, Dr. Islam Dayeh: I still think sura 41 was before 39, and now I've presented some evidence that 41>39. And, much more the sorry (as the Veloxi would put it), I have been including 39 with the hawamîm since I read Bellamy's articles on the Mysterious Letters a decade ago; so I could not credit you for the insight. But I did appreciate that you at least made the case. It's always good to be challenged.

I must admit that all of these changes were five years late in the coming except for those latter three essays written in the last couple years, which essays were four/five years late. I'll just say that scholarship is an ongoing process, and sometimes Allah only provides His provisions to mortals when we are ready to receive them.


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