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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Upload #111 - summertime

School tends to be in session from September to June, and so that's when the new articles come out - or at least when the students post about 'em. The summer months are for archaeological digs; for those of us stuck at home, for lying outside in the sun. They've been pretty slow around here, too.

Unless, that is, I run across an egregiously silly mistake or omission in mine *own* work. That's when stuff like this comes out. In that spirit here I present, for your perusal, another omission in another appendix of House of War: in this case, on sura 22.

Suras 5 and 22 share a lot with one another. However they also share a lot with other suras, not least sura 6. This tangle is one I first tangled with in 2004... which tangle stayed tangled. My various essays just had to go on without discussing it; although, I believe The Arabs did manage at least to show 5>25. When the Muhkam project went down, that just delayed all this work even more.

What I think I've managed to do, now, is to show 5>22. I've also found a small 34>22; which is reasonable, since "Save Me From Heaven" had surmised that sura 34 was public by 50 / 670.

Uploaded this day is "The Qur'anic Culture of Sura 22". And now I've mentioned them, "Muhkam" has a better abstract, and I've made some major fixes to how "Addition to the Book" handled the shuraka. Also spruced up: "Save Me", "Interceding with God", "Sura of the Women", and "Ararat Tax".

Unlike that 2013 corrigendum, this 2000-plus-word essay here won't need to go into a future edition of House of War. The one sura pushed into the pre-sura-22 era is sura 5, since sura 34 was already there; and both simply don't matter much to that book's argument. Suras 5 and (more so) 34 did matter for Throne of Glass but I'd already nailed down 5>25 and 34>27, and everything in this book started from sura 27 on the basis of a pre-existent nebula of suras 25-26, so on that much I was fine. For House of War I'm more concerned with sura 69.


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