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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Toward a post about DS9's season two

The first three episodes of DS9-2 are somewhat uneasily appended to the last episode of DS9-1. But they do make for a nice sequence of capers. I couldn't complain.

I've seen this season enough times to know that Cardassians and Necessary Evil will be my next ports of call. Blood Oath kicks off where I watch this whole series through to the end without much skipping. Here I'll also be flipping to that last Ensign Ro Larren episode in TNG.

In between, I'm wondering about Playing God and Second Sight. I caught Second Sight when it came out; I think I've watched it exactly once since then. It was emotional and romantic. Personally, I didn't hate it. The reviewers have rated it poorly. And later on, Sisko gets a permanent tragic love-interest; so this episode feels dramatically pointless.

Yeah, I'll probably skip it again.

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