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Thursday, July 02, 2015

The first four episodes of Deep Space Nine: pretty good start

The pilot introduces us to the DS9 station and to most of the major characters. Past Prologue gets us a look at the locals and at local history. A Man Alone is an interesting murder-mystery. And Babel handles the little "legacy issues" both of the aforementioned locals, and of the station itself.

These episodes taken as a bulk do a serviceable job at introducing the cast and setting. Unfortunately then Captive Pursuit fails at introducing the sector beyond the wormhole, and Q-Less flails at lassoing the Next Generation audience.

It wasn't a bad first season. It was just... uneven. I recall Storyteller as particularly silly, involving that Planet Of Bad Special Effects. But then there's Duet, certainly in the top ten of any Trek series. My advice to potential buyers is to get this boxed-set used at half price (like I did), and to get the second season at half price (like I also did); and to do a lot of skipping-past of episodes in each.

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