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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Republican echo

Condoleeza Rice does John Newton.

John Newton teamed up with William Wilberforce and were together a major force behind Britain's abolition of slavery. Wilberforce's speeches - across the pond - inspired the hard core behind what became the Republican Party, whose remnants survive in what is now (falsely, and insultingly) labeled 'neoconservatism'. Amazing Grace was a movie in 2006. I missed the movie, but I learnt about Newton and Wilberforce from its reviews. (So now, based on nine-year-old memories of a movie I didn't watch... comes this post. That's how the House of David rolls.)

The abolition sentiment became Abolitionism, in large part thanks to Newton and Wilberforce. Overseas, the ideology gave to Britain its pretext to raid and to conquer West African ports. Among American Anglos it attained such force that men like John Brown were willing to stir up race war on its behalf. It inspired the Republican Party to waive a state's right to secede on that basis. And it inspired George W Bush to make a moral case against Iraq, Iran, and North Korea.

In the same tradition as the Republicans, and as Rice, Walter Hudson (24 June, 2015 - 6:00 am) bravely makes an argument for the 'moral right to invade'. Hudson has not directly made his argument against the Northern Virginia flag, which was the issue at hand. But I do note that moral-right theory effectively answers whether a state may secede: no, it mightn't. The sovereign over DC rules according to Divine Will. The righteous may leave. Dissidents may not, and should be hunted down throughout the planet. Wavers of the flag might not be slavers, but their morals are corrupted; so we're not going to weep overmuch on their rights, like we don't weep over the right to raise the rāyat al-sawdā'. On all this Wilberforce, Newton, Rice, and Hudson would agree.

As to whether *I* agree, or whether *you* should agree... it doesn't matter. There's bipartisan consensus that Newton and Wilberforce were right, that Lincoln was right, that the Radicals were right. We'll not be allowed to disagree.

Now I'm wondering if the mourning singer of "Amazing Grace" in the Whedon episode Heart of Gold knew of Newton, too; I wonder if everyone in the Frozen Dinner Pack knew. Maybe the Alliance had promised to stamp out sex-slavery in the border-planets. Maybe that was a rationale behind the Companion system. But in truth the Alliance just wanted another guild. But that's an aside. Or not...

UPDATE 7:45 PM: I'd gotten confused. I have separated out John Newton from Wil-Wil.

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