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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"LOLz you lose Vietnam"

I recently heard about (@)Cernovich because he'd gotten banned (for a few hours) from Twitter. He's now running a victory-lap... as I probably would, if I had got banned and then restated. From some other venue than Twitter, anyway (I won't ever sign up for Twitter) - like from Google.

Anyway I did scroll down enough to see these comments:

The Cambodian holocaust (the killing fields) was caused by U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. ... The CIA ousted King Sihanouk, leading to the rise Khmer Rouge. Then we peaced out after getting ass kicked in 'Nam. U.S. got pissed Cambodia was neutral during Vietnam War. We ousted their leader, which sent country into chaos.

And then:

Depends on what "bad" means. How many civilians died in Iraq since being "liberated" from tyranny? I say stay home.

There are those who doubt that America, or even the South Vietnamese, lost the civil war in South Vietnam. There are even those who doubt that America, or even the South Vietnamese, lost the war against the North. Then one more North invasion happened, which the South did lose; but this did not happen - pace Cernovich - before the Americans peaced out. Some of those people who had made such arguments in the 1980s now work for Castalia House in the 2010s.

Such people would counter that the real war was fought at home, where backbiters sapped America's will to support its friends. Which resulted in a (Left) Congress that, in turn, left those friends to Stalinist terror and Maoist massacre. So far those die-hard Rightists, revisionist by necessity, have been blaming the backbiting on the Left. So far...

Reviews: 2, 4, 5, 6. (The reviews get better as I realise how important the books are.)

Should @Cernovich have been banninated? Well, no. Is @Cernovich an asset to Teh Cause, to any cause? Well... for now... let's just say that the Tweet format is not for him.

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