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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Kingdom of the Saints

In the contrafactual I've been building up, I fork from mid-1776. The United Kingdom sends word to make deals with the Nine Colonies, and the rebellion is stopped. The "how" doesn't matter: maybe Saratoga goes the other way, maybe Vermont is convinced to switch sides and Saratoga doesn't even happen. Now it's 1830 and North America (and Ireland) looks very different.

New England is independent: a trade-and-industry powerhouse, and a ready home for Protestant dissidents. Vermont is a disputed territory, effectively also independent. The United Kingdom is a slave nation controlled by extremely wealthy plantation-owners from Jamaica and the Old South, and life is horrible in Ireland. The Civilised Tribes are recognised as independent and sovereign nations, also slave-holding; and are protectorates of the Crown. New Orleans is French; the Texan coast and New Mexico are Spanish. Up hill(country): the Great Plains belong to the Comanche Horde.

Up river: north Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri are becoming mixed German, Bohemian, and Irish but Catholic; they do not have much use for slaves. I don't know in this contrafactual if they are being loosely run from Madrid or loosely run from Paris. They are however speaking some Catholic West Romance language as a common-tongue.

Whilst that's happening, the British Canadians are drifting south of the Great Lakes. They're inviting Scandinavians to help settle these harsh regions.

Since my "fork" of history is in 1776, butterfly-effect rules force the original Joseph Smith to spawn his Junior in some other year and with some other set of DNA. But the Second Great Awakening was a social force, and so it still sweeps up a lot of New England and Vermonter Protestants. And people were still speculating about Israel in the New World. So something like Mormonism still bursts out of a Protestant hinterland around 1830, still involving "Latter Day Saints".

Without a strong central government anywhere here, the LDS pick up sad-sack Prots from the same places - but this time, they're not so easy to root out. They last in Ohio longer, and they last in Illinois longer. They might not consider basing themselves in Catholic Missouri, in this contrafactual. I do however put the Prophet's self-destruction around the same year, 1845ish.

The "Brigham Young" of this LDS state inherits command of the Upper Midwest and signs a pact with the Comanche Horde. I don't think he gets dislodged.

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