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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Gmarriage will lead to gmaimed women

I was reading chris's insta-classic comment. Heartiste butted in, because it's his blog; but only where it counted. To chris's statement:

The importation of a moral norm like the one above surrounding gay long-term relationships would destroy the institution of marriage for heterosexuals who wish to pursue a long-term mating strategy.

Roissy added:

[ed: aka beta males R FUKKED]

Traditionally-minded men who aren't ultra-alpha and still want a loyal spouse are going to take steps to ensure that their women don't stray. This will, I suspect, take the form of physical deformation. The easiest and less painful way will be to allow, nay encourage, the missus to bloat up. 250 pounds? Do I hear 300? Hey, there's already porn of it...

Other men will use knives, fire and/or acid. Still others will shift to such communities as demand the veil. None of these options are mutually exclusive.

If women now flying the rainbow think they're getting liberation from all this, they're going to repent at leisure. As the saying goes.

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