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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Alba Fedeli

Alba Fedeli has been a fixture of Qur'anic palaeography for at least a decade now, and has now been recognised for it. (For my part, I would have stuck the Phi'i Delta letters by her name just for "A Perg 2: a non palimpsest and the corrections in Qur'anic Manuscripts", Manuscripta Orientalia 11.1 (2005), 20-7. Throne of Glass has made much use of that one.)

What tipped the scale was her work on the suras 18-20 pages in Birmingham.

She is not to blame for what opportunists and media have made of her findings. I don't like saying that "she is not to blame" has to be said but, it does. If she publishes her thesis outside the academy, I hope she finds space to "asterisk" where she speaks of radiocarbon.

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