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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Amy Schumer's Trainwreck

I just stepped out to watch Trainwreck. The conductor of this runaway vehicle is Amy Schumer, against whom the Washington Post had delivered a fatwa (ignorantly I need hardly add but, hey, affirmative-action at work). Judd Apatow directed the thing, and he's acquired a politically-incorrect rep of his own over the years.

Which is why I watched it, inappropriate jokes and all. I wondered if it might be the last real comedy we're ever allowed to see.

As romantic comedies go, yes - this one remembers to be a comedy. I lol'ed. Sometimes I lol'ed hard. I don't know what lines I can quote that wouldn't get me on a watchlist, but since I'm already on several. . .

Maybe when Amy noted to her sister that the brother-in-law's sweater had the "To Catch A Predator" style... which stone Amy will later really, really learn to regret casting. Or when Amy cracked wise about a "pole" when she saw basketball cheerleader dances... which words Amy will also be eating, later on. Or (earlier) when Amy drunkenly compared her lover's floppy(?) wiener to the whole cast of Game of Thrones. (That one might require context.) The movie even finds time to drop some flaming bags of satirical poo on Gawker's doorstep... although I admit this is slightly marred by Amy's subsequent move to, uh, Vanity Fair.

Overall the movie is hilarious. It's not been a wonderful year for cinema so far but I can heartily recommend this film.

P.S. to Schumer: don't apologise, don't even explain.

UPDATE 8/4: A pity, that she wants me robbed and dead. I feel like a putz now for this post.

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