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Monday, July 06, 2015

Altered States: prequel to Ghostbusters?

I took a bunch of acid and watched the classic late-1970s movie Altered States last night. It is set in late-1970s New York and involves some whackjob getting off his skull, at which point he changes physically and makes a bit of a mess. Other dimensions of existence are accessed.

It's been mooted for some time that The Road is Left Behind... for those who didn't get on the ship to Interstellar (this is just one such tweet). The metamorphoses in Altered States are - well, beyond Kafka - are all much like Zuul and Vinz Clortho (sp?) in Ghostbusters, also rolling around Manhattan.

The commentary on my version of the Ghostbusters DVD made clear that Dan Ackroyd - the actor playing Ray, and helping with the script - believed in a lot of this stuff himself. (Bill Murray, by contrast, seems to have kept more distance from the source-material.)

I think the two films should be considered part of the same "universe".

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