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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Abortion is unethical

Sahih International translation:

And when the girl buried alive is asked
For what sin she was killed
And when the pages are made public
And when the sky is stripped away
And when Hellfire is set ablaze
And when Paradise is brought near,
A soul will know what it has brought.

This blog has wavered on the abortion issue. It started out pro-life; two years ago it went pro-Sanger. There was since then some stuff about - against - creatures like Kermit Gosnell but there, you might be able to intuit, such posts were here because I felt I had to put them here. I have never been a fan of the infanticidal practice. I have been wavering over to what degree it might be permissible.

So now all this has happened. Also, as MWR has put it: Planned Parenthood will abort rape babies and then send the victims back home to their rapists to be raped again without ever reporting it to the police. She's not lying.

I now see that the inherent problem with mid/late-term abortion (I mean, besides the death, and the corruption of the Hippocratic Oath) is what is done afterward with "tissue" that is, biologically, a baby. If the procedure which extracted such tissue is done in a medical setting, the remains are now available for whoever owns them. The problem has migrated to economics: it is too tempting for the remains to be resold. Planned Parenthood is the beneficiary; they now have an interest in not stopping unplanned pregnancies - like police-unions have an interest in mass chaos. To the point of forcible rape, as MWR again: rape is ... a moneymaking strategy for them.

This might not have been as true in Sanger's day, maybe not even in Gosnell's; but here we are in 2015. And the West has lost the maturity as a political system to block such conflicts of interest, if it ever had it. We are, as a civilisation, now at the pass where we reward people for creating children whom none involved in said creation have any intention of raising; which childrens' bodies we will then hawk in the marketplace, as food.

There's a case to be made for that. But this blog shan't be making it.

BUMPED. Originally posted 30 July. Added MWR's comments and fact-checking thereof.

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