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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It is getting near impossible to deny the obvious.

A generation ago, Mariya Gimbutas had (famously) intuited that the "Kurgan" people had a distinct culture, and that this culture blew out almost all other cultures from Portugal to Pakistan. Gimbutas herself, being Baltic, aligned herself with the indigenous peoples whom the "androcratic" Indo-Europeans conquered - to the point of offering some very silly theories about how "gynocentric" or "gylanic" were the losers. But, besides her bias (and besides her incoherence - if the locals couldn't defend themselves against this lot, they'd likely have lost against the next lot... right?), she turns out to have been right on the facts.

So, as food for thought - since I won't be taking sides -

How will this affect the "pan-European" dream? One may now define "white": as a speaker of an Indo-European language with this DNA marker, allowing Basques and Finno-Ugrics as subordinates. And consider language. There was an Esperanto movement a century ago, to create a single "world" language, which meant a European language. For decades we've been able to revive Indo-European as a language; or near-enough - compare the reconstructions in Mallory's book as long ago as 1987 (spoiler: note how the later two agree with each other against the first attempt, and think "asymptote").

How will this affect the expression of pan-Europeanism? The Indo-European lexicon and material-culture together imply a culture, based on aristocracy (including patriarchy) and on mutual respect between true equals. Where there wasn't such respect, conflict happened.

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