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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Trans pied noir

I am overtly "racist" in a few ways, on which topic I've posted quite a bit. One concerns how I define "white": as descended from the Stone Age cultures of Europe, plus the Yamnaya. So, yes to Basques and Brahmin Indians; no to Berbers and Jews. Another builds upon that I take sides; in this case I'm vaguely pro-white. Not exclusively so.

I have a lot of white ancestry, well over half. But I haven't ever quite been able to identify as white myself. The white-nationalist fora attract commenters who are hostile to Jews (specifically); and I'm not white enough for them. It is in my nature to duck out of places I'm not welcome. Speaking of which, I also have that "diaspora" experience of not ever being bound to a homeland. And, aside from that, a respect for the Jewish scriptures and tradition. So, not sure what to do here...

Some might consider me pied-noir, having passed some years in Algiers. It tempts me to identify as trans-pied-noir. I probably shouldn't identify as that, either.

Anyway, I will say that when my thoughts go to nationalism, I find myself drawn to Afro-Asiatic 'zionisms': not just Jewish zionism, but also non-Muslim-Semitic, Coptic, and Berber zionisms.

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