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Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Trads win one

Yahoo has this clickbait headline, "Why Breadwinner Spouses Are More Likely to Get Cheated On". There's a little more than that going on though :

The chance of cheating by men dipped for relationships in which the partners were more financially equal. Men who made about 70 percent of the total household income were least likely to cheat, Munsch said.

That 40% delta (7:3) is the sweet spot, but not 100%. Men like to be in charge, but not so much in charge that we might as well be alone.

The analogy used in Traditional Family circles is that of the Captain and First-Officer. They seem to have it most intuitively right. If I am allowed to be "reductive" and "essentialist" in this here blog: feminists have historically gone wrong on the female side and the so-called "Manosphere" is going wrong on the male side.

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