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Friday, June 26, 2015

The evil of Google

Google is being predictably creepy about the great victories of the Left this week: YouTube and Google are proud to celebrate marriage equality. #ProudtoLove

As I see it, Google is a search-engine. Google management can hold (or pretend to hold) whatever politics it wants to hold. My objection to Google is that it isn't allowing searches; for instance, shopping results on Confederate flags. It is not the place of Google to restrict searches on stuff people might want to buy. And, please, spare me the claims that this would allow Google to turn up links to kitty-pr0n and slaves. They're illegal and mala in se; The Confederate flag is neither.

Google is restricting those searches for political reasons; like it buries Dennis Mangan's blog for political reasons. Google is unethical; more pithily, evil.

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