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Sunday, June 07, 2015

The death-throes of the Denver Post

I've never been much for mainstream big-city newspapers. In effect I'd given up on the Denver Post before I even came here. When I've looked, because someone left a copy in the break-room, I've not found anything worth bothering further with. To my complete lack of surprise, I'm not alone in this. There's a recap of the spasms here.

For instance: most small-town papers will run features on Local Boy Makes Good. When some kid becomes an Eagle Scout in Walden, the weekly sheet in North Park might mention it. Over here in the Denver area, the Post ran such an article about a recent Eagle Scout ... who was a homosexual (and not even from Colorado). Ergo, the Denver Post is now a small-town rag; for extreme Leftists, and for those with a thing for teenaged boys in Scout uniforms.

Denver is a pretty liberal and literate city, as these things go. Are there enough Leftists and borderline paedobears to support a newspaper?

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