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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The blood on the medias' hands

One reason Dylann Roof broke from the mainstream consensus, and one reason Roof broke so bad, is that he was lied to. Jokeocracy has confirmed that #CharlestonShooting was motivated by the lack of ethics in journalism, from Roof's own pre-confession:

The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case. I kept hearing and seeing his name, and eventually I decided to look him up.

I read the Wikipedia article and right away I was unable to understand what the big deal was. It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right.

But more importantly this prompted me to type in the words 'black on White crime' into Google, and I have never been the same since that day.

The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citizens. There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief.

At this moment I realized that something was very wrong. How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White murders got ignored?

We can add the Scott Brown "gentle-giant" meme - and the taser-grabbing Walter Scott. In fact Roof's target was culpable in the Scott bamboozle. But I'll grant that Roof likely didn't know at the time or he'd have noted Scott in his manifesto.

So today I learn that the media have learned nothing. They are still sloppy. They are still enamoured of their "narrative". Even now that there are people dead and lives ruined.

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