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Friday, June 19, 2015

Silver linings

The waterfowl at Jokeocracy allows that, through it all, we now get to learn about Rhodesia. Idaho Royalist has the best recent take, in Nick Land's opinion.

In another post, said duckie cites Ian Smith: I have challenged Mugabe to walk down the street with me. We might add the "Mixed reactions in Zimbabwe" comments, which aren't in fact 'mixed' at all: today's Zimbabweans would raise up the Smith zombi and crown it if they could. Amanda Phiri (Bulawayo, 65): I was at school when he was in power, and those were the good old days. There was plenty to eat, and good hospitals. I just wish he had ruled for much longer. It isn't difficult to find similar sentiments from other former Rhodesians.

(I read this at Jokeocracy at 8:15ish last night, and wrote it up then, but am rescheduling it for now.)

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