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Friday, June 19, 2015

Looks like we're boycotting Tor

One or two of these pics is mine, and it's the tip of the iceberg - as the captains at Tor might put it.

A former girlfriend of mine once commented that I hadn't revealed enough of my real self to her - I was always too guarded - which is a reason she's former. But she did note that I liked my Sci-Fi; I couldn't hide that. My collection from times past contains a lot that's on almost all of these lists that I didn't send. I kind of wonder if the authors here like Esselmont and Erikson are now going to be blacklisted because people like us read their stuff without Tor's approval...

I'm speaking for my dad, too, who turned me onto SF and F in the first place.

But Tor doesn't want my dirty money; so, I'll just have to spend it on other pursuits. Maybe on women again.

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