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Friday, June 19, 2015

It's June Nineteenth again

We're told oh hai, happy juneteenth. This seems an opportune moment to dredge up what I wrote about that four years back; for which here's the index generally. Re 6-19th along the Gulf Coast, there ensued an aftermath. Trigger-warnings for 'outrage', of a form quite unlikely to form the focus of one of Krakauer's little tracts. But I am digressing again.

To summarise: the forcible 'liberation' of 80-something-IQ populations does not suddenly convert them to productive members of local society; especially not if they are being organised by outside social-justice fanatics and inside nationalists, especially especially not if those fanatics and nationalists have a clear enemy in mind.

And to get even more basic, I shall invert what I said then: if it was true then, it is also applicable now. Some people lately have behaved wrongly in how they react to the facts. None of this much alters those facts.

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