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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dylann Roof and the Daily Stormer

If Dylann Roof commented at the Stormer, that wouldn't surprise me much. That he was there in large part to attack it from the Left is more interesting. Doing so as "AryanBlood1488", given that his manifesto wasn't antiSemitic in the racial sense is... just strange. But no-one ever claimed that Mr Roof was normal.

Supporting the CCC against the Stormer's January snit-fit:

I have serious, great respect for the CofCC because they are the ones who woke me up to black on white crime in the beginning. It was the first site I went to the day that changed my life, the day I decided to type in “black on white crime” into Google.

Drawing a near-equivalence between Western culture and Japanese:

For example, forks, doors on hinges, suits, pianos, and other simple things are all part of White Culture, just as chopsticks, sliding doors, kimonos, and the koto, are part of Japanese culture.

The Buzzfeed commenters, who are fools, make foolish snark that some of these "Western" items were first mooted in the Semitic Near East. But then... here is AryanBlood1488 saying that Jews should count as "white" and that Judaism is a culture:

The vast majority of European and American Jews are white. I really get sick and tired of reading these absolutely stupid idiotic comments on here saying how Jews have a biological drive to destroy or are a biological parasite, so on and so forth. Its just so stupid.
The Jewish Identity is the problem. If you could destroy their identity and raise them as white, there would be no issue. The problem is that they identify as something “other” but are actually white, and therefore able to infiltrate and subvert.

Incidentally, this comment implicitly trashes Kevin MacDonald as well.

Andrew Anglin responds on the Stormer's behalf and cites a few other AryanBlood1488 comments; on those comments' basis, Anglin concludes that these comments weren't Roof's.

I am inclined to disagree and to suspect they were Roof's. As I said above, Dylann Roof wasn't right in the head. Roof was also very young and a dropout besides, with intelligence well over his state of education and experience. Roof's flags aren't as Right as they could be; and his manifesto trashes "the Northwest Front". His opinions on this and that looped around and around. The same tendency is found in the AryanBlood1488 comments: one day he says that Jews can be converted to being white, and on another day he sneers about Jew blood.

But hey. The Stormer isn't my port of call. Roof's opinions aren't mine. And psychological forensics isn't my field.

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