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Monday, June 22, 2015

Crazy tropes

So I found Alexander's rant at Vox's, which cites this rant from File 770:

crazy tropes (the Nazis were really left-wing!; Planned Parenthood is genocidal!; Emanuel A.M.E. Church isn’t a black church!; Tor Books is an leftist ideological publisher!)

Later on, various commenters scratch their heads and wonder who on earth had ever said that Emanuel AME wasn't a black church. They probably don't read here. I've posted that the so-called AME churches weren't founded as churches (as Galatians defines "ecclesia") in the first place, and that Emanuel still isn't a church.

Otherwise I believe I've posted (or at least linked) that fascisms - including Nazism - were leftwing movements voted in by rightist voters, and that Margaret Sanger was pro black (in the abstract) and was doing eugenics on that population for this purpose. I've gotten into some trouble in Conservative fora for bringing these points up. I'm approaching being done with such fora, incidentally, so - I'm not wholly unsympathetic to the original ranter's rant.

The last quibble I have, is the last point the ranter made: about Tor. If Tor're being supported by people who think so little of the Right, the supporters might be people like me - but it's unlikely. It's more likely the supporters are of the Left (for "social justice") and that, therefore, so is Tor. And in fact we know that several editors and "directors" at Tor are hard to the Left. Tor keeps these Leftists on payroll because they're fine with Leftism. So whether they're leftist ideologues or just cowards who print crappy books - at this point, I'm invoking the Puppy slogan: I Don't Care. I want more degrees of separation between my money and the Haydens' pockets.

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