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Thursday, June 18, 2015


To get to the point: Dylann Roof, a white-rights advocate, has shot up a "historic black church", which means an antichurch. In response the Left has fired up the Brown Scare. (That link goes to HuffPo.) We're all supposed to agree that unrepentant whites are terrorists.

So let's review what we know. Roof had posed in Rhodesian and old-South-African colours both. He had, yes, learnt what these colours meant. He hadn't learnt that more than one flag at once, whatever flag it is, makes one look the kook. And he hadn't even figured out that, within South-Africa, the Boer flag stood and stands alone. It seems that Roof had read up on the UDI, but not on the Boer War. I called him a "white-rights advocate" because that's what he was, before he became a killer on behalf of this ideology. That leaves aside whether he was good at his job.

I suspect I am also, personally, supposed to denounce this guy I never corresponded with for the violence I never endorsed. Okay then: he shouldn't have done that.

The chief victim Reverend Clementa Pinckney, wearing his politician-hat, had earlier delivered a speech on account of Walter Scott. Pinckney was pretty darn sure that Scott was murdered. The facts are more murky. This means Pinckney was no friend of the rule-of-law himself. Well, that's Dixie for you.

So, it looks like Roof had launched a freelance attack against people who never liked him and his much. Like Anders Breivik, Roof knew what he was doing. - And also like Breivik, Roof went about it all wrong. Lone-wolf violence is illegal. Roof is to be condemned like Denmark Vesey is to be condemned. Whoever set Roof up to do this is a chickenhawk like Richard Allen. Whoever argues his case is a false Christian like Clementa Pinckney, and will share his cell in Hell.

For context on Breivik: Free Northerner and his Sith Lord.

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