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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bukhari and the Stasi

Everyone is having a jolly good laugh at Asghar Bukhari today. Some years back he helped found a Muslim PAC in the UK. Since then he's floated some bizarre ideas to the media, and is more-or-less considered a flake even by other Muslims. Last night, Bukhari misplaced some footwear. For this he blamed the Mossad.

Having thought about this, I don't feel like piling on. I'm unfond of Twitter mobs on principle but, more so, this technique reminded me of the Stasi. Which wasn't a joke when they did it.

Zersetzung - "decomposition" - involved breaking the target's spirit. The Stasi would go into your home and misplace all sorts of stuff. The aim was to make you think you were nuts. These things had a way of coming true, especially for dissidents who were already somewhat outcast from East German society. The Mossad inherited some Czech agents over 1948-56; and they played similar tricks on Israeli and Palestinian dissidents. Bukhari cites this book, which I must admit I haven't read (yet).

At base, I don't care what Israel does to its avowed enemies. Besides, I'm a hiker. If anyone tried to steal my shoes, they'd likely pass out from the stench. I'd be more worried that my shoe closet would be declared a storeroom of WMDs. I'm sure Bukhari's feet smell a lot better though.

I don't however think that Bukhari has the right culprit. I don't think the Mossad would bother with MPAC-UK. Mossad frankly have better things to do at home. I'd pin this more on British Military Intelligence, who have a more pressing motive to discredit local malcontents.

UPDATE 6/18: I left a semi-supportive comment on his original youtube; that is, I pretty much left THIS comment there. Those comments are now blocked. In that youtube's place he's posted another one. I'm a little miffed that he didn't credit me.

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