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Monday, June 29, 2015

Adweek - afraid of shadows

I've been pretty negative on the - well, on pretty much everything, since I was about eight, but never mind that. But certain events are giving me cause for optimism. Today, it was when I found out that Adweek had censored me.

The original post involved a photo taken of a romantic interlude at Cannes. I logged into Disqus, with my (truncated) battle-flag avatar, and posted: The scandal is that the two were a man and a woman.

That was it. It wasn't all THAT funny. It was pretty obvious. But... it was just before that SCOTUS gmarriage decision...

This post stayed up for about three or four days. It attracted over sixty updings. Usually when I post I get about two. I mean, look at this blog; I'm no great prose stylist, and outside the realm of antiquity I'm not terribly original either (come to that - even inside, I'm not really saying all that which is new). So you can imagine how my comments look. I've made my peace with that. So those updings came from something other than from my brilliance at commenting.

And then Adweek put it in the "pending" state and yanked the flag. Too late, though.

We're the majority; Christians, heterosexuals, self-aware whites, and just plain people tired of bullies and perverts. And our enemies know it. I'm coming around to thinking that our enemies are afraid of us. They can't let us see our own power.

UPDATE 6/30: Pasted the image.

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