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Saturday, June 13, 2015

A little note concerning the Wachowski brothers

The Wachowskis, at that point "the Wachowski Brothers", produced a popular-culture milestone in that first Matrix movie. It's perhaps an understatement to say that they've fallen off since then.

That first Matrix was gnostic and Leftist. [Note to Microsoft's auto-spellcheck: "gnostic" is a real word. Trust me on this one.] This movie struck the later years of the Clinton Administration right where it hurt: correctly identifying the Dot Com Age as the high-water mark of American civilisation, and correctly identifying this as a corrupt delusion.

But then came the sequels: blathering about how Morpheus, Neo, Trinity and their crew were aiming to "end" the war rather than, er, to win it. And then Lawrence Wachowski ate his own gnostic dogfood and insisted that he wasn't what he was born as, male.

Later they remade V for Vendetta; which they botched to such a degree that Alan Moore, a Leftist himself, disavowed it (which he would not do against Z Snyder's The Watchmen). Cloud Atlas came next. This one wasn't botched; Cloud Atlas was evil from the start, and its author has gone on to worse things. The Wachowski brothers are tied into the Social Justice movement at their core, to the point of self-mutilation in one case.

I can't exactly say that I have been boycotting post-Matrix Wachowski work. I will say that I am not going to pay to watch it, if I can legally help it. If it's at the library, I'll check it out - like how I check out Twohy work these days.

But I just cannot trust the Wachowski brothers to tell an honest story. I can't watch movies by people who cannot be honest even with themselves. They lost me over a decade ago.

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