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Monday, May 11, 2015

When ISI annexed al-Qaeda

BI paraphrases Seymour Hersh: ISI nabbed bin Laden in 2006 and held him captive to use him as leverage against Taliban and Al Qaeda activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

ISI is officially Pakistan's intelligence-service; unofficially, ISI is its deepstate. Less officially than that, ISI bleeds over to the Pashto regions of Afghanistan. Four years ago, Ace of Spades at his HQ went further and labeled ISI as al-Qaeda's sinnfein.

But here we get to a problem. Al-Qaeda's operatives and senior command weren't Pakistani; they weren't even Afghan. They were Near Eastern: Atta was Egyptian, Zawahiri was Egyptian, Bin Laden was sort of a Yemeni-Saudi mix, most of the 9/11 crew were Saudi, and on and on. ISI, having a territory to guard, not being completely insane, and already dealing with enough problems of its own, wouldn't want these foreigners running around unless it was VERY sure of them. So, if Ace is right - it is of interest, at least to historians, to know when did (Asian) ISI amalgamate with (Arabian) al-Qaeda, and what was their chain of command after that.

Hersh offers an answer. Hersh thinks that ISI conquered al-Qaeda in 2006.

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