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Monday, May 18, 2015

Web comics actually worth reading

I was introduced to webcomics in 2002ish by a then-gf (unless we are counting college-era flings with "Spacemoose" and the like). Her thing was "Sinfest". "Sinfest" itself wasn't all that great but it did lead to discovering some others. I have generally been pretty down on webcomics here since then. So I need to mark down, somewhere, where I've found comics that I enjoy.

Obviously, there's Top Webcomics, and Webcomics Worth Wreading, and all manner of other aggregators you can go for. But I've found that too many "Top Webcomics" showcase nonhumans (so I've nothing to relate to) and too many "Worth Wreading" are - well, let's just say, that site is all about getting YOU to read those webcomics. Its SJW author is, I suspect, an unreliable guide to whether she would read all of it herself.

So, since I like comics that are good, and comics that aren't trying to convert me to this or that cult:

Honourable mentions would include Zona - which started out like a Jew's fantasy of a hot shiksa girl (zona is not nice in Hebrew!), but then actually developed said shiksa's character. Flipside earns points for allowing the Objectivists their side of the story. Stick in the Mud has been good so far, and I'm waiting to see what they do with the premise. I've also on-and-off attempted Quantum Vibe, an overtly libertarian SF.

something*positive was a mainstay about a decade back, but it mellowed out and I guess I just moved on. I do recommend the earlier bits though.

Will add others as they come to mind.

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