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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Qur'an's hypertextuality

Zaotar has clued us into Guillaume Dye's The Qur'an and its Hypertextuality in Light of Redaction Criticism, which may be had here. This speech-to-be will, when delivered, argue for a base Palestinian-Arab homily, currently preserved only in sura 19. Dye labels the proto-Qur'anic homily "Q 19:1-63*". His speech argues / will argue from that basis, that Q. 3:33-63 followed Q 19:1-63*; and that Q. 19:34-40 followed all of that (and, implicitly, so did Q 19:64f).

J W Salopy (me!) had argued instead (wayyy back in 2003-6) that the bulk of sura 3 at least up to v. 63 was primary; that the Dome of the Rock (which parallels suras 3 and 19:33-37a) used sura 3; and lastly that a Syrian Arab lifted vv. 33-37a almost verbatim from the Dome, to build sura 19 around that pericope. Also, Dye's Annex 6 argues for Q. 43:64-65 > 19:36-37 where Salopy reversed this order.

Dye does not seem to be aware of Salopy. If Dye had been so aware, I would have expected in his paper a more-thorough investigation of its Dome parallels... obviously...

Where Salopy and Dye agree: Dye independently demonstrates Q. 3:33-63 > 19:34-40. Dye independently (in a footnote) notes the prayer by-and-for Jesus at 19:33 as being secondarily manipulated into its first-person form. Dye also in Annex 6 demonstrates Q. 19:34-40 as "a Qur'anic patchwork" - even if we disqualify sura 43's contribution. These proposals now must be considered proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

I may or may not develop where we differ, later on. For now, I'll just say that my thesis does not rely upon putative proto-suras like "Q 19:1-63*". Dye's thesis does. That means that William of Ockham is on my side.

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