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Monday, May 25, 2015

Safe spaces sought

In another commentary on the state of our new nation, conceived (but not raised) in liberty: Safe rooms. They're for the rich, now, because of stuff like this happening.

That interracial crime got into the news exactly because the victims were so wealthy. But these have been going on for a long while. It attracted a lot of attention in 2011, during a weekend of spontaneous mayhem swiftly dubbed "Black Memorial Day".

The disproportionate extent of casual low-level (and not so low-level) crimes by this population, and said population's acceptance of same as opposed to violent rejection of law-enforcement against such crimes, won't be tolerated forever. If the average Joe (or Yusuf) has to fortify his own home with safe-rooms, they'll inevitably complain to others about doing this. Party-supported corporate censorship (you know, fascism) can only delay the inevitable.

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