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Monday, May 25, 2015

Print is dead

So Egon Krantz opined in 1984. Back then, news-stories could be had through email and BBS's; but you were supposed to laugh at nerds like Egon, who didn't care about the pictures or, really, about leaving the office for very long. As a period-piece, you can still smile; but now we're smiling at his prescience, not laughing at his nerdlordship.

The "demise of print media" has been touted, literally, for most of my life. There has certainly been a decline, starting over the 1990s. But print stubbornly held on - because, you can't really lug a computer onto the metro, and even the earlier laptops didn't get good wifi down there.

But now that people are clicking Drudge headlines off of mobile phones and tablets, it is now more convenient to read news that way than by schlepping around those large wads of ad-filled low-quality paper.

The only reason to buy a newspaper, that I can think of now, is when you're worried about spilling goop on your mobile device. Paper is best read when you're eating lunch at the same time. Or when drinking coffee in a moving vehicle.

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